Marques Ogden Former Baltimore Raven Signs With VIP Ink Publishing to Release his Autobiography

marques_ogden_450VIP Ink Publishing signs former Baltimore Raven, Marques Ogden, for an autobiography. Ogden is mostly known for his career as an NFL player and for his football coaching skills from children to adults but there is so much more to his story.

Marques Ogden grew up in a single parent home with a strong father whose memory still inspires him today as the epitome of perseverance and fairness. From his father, Marques learned how to define his life values, set long-term goals, and pursue them tenaciously despite obstacles. These core strengths enabled Marques to develop the grit to achieve his goals of playing football while attending college and later succeed proudly as an NFL player.

From 2003–2008, Marques played as Offensive Lineman for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars. He also trained football players in the off-season for the NFL European League on running, pass blocking, and other tactical skills, as well as building their endurance and strength. As an NFL player, Marques became a popular motivational speaker. His passionate message centers around envisioning one’s life in the long-term, defining one’s values, building strength of character, acting with integrity, acquiring an education, and helping others succeed.

In 2008, Marques left NFL football and launched Kayden Enterprises, a highly successful construction firm specializing in concrete and earthmoving, in Baltimore, MD. As the CEO, Marques directed and organized all of the marketing, sales, client relations and public speaking to promote his company and brand in the construction industry. Smart CEO Magazine awarded him the “Future Best 50” Award and his industry peers nominated him as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2009 for his exceptional construction business.

In 2013, he launched Ogden Elite Football Camps. The camp provides non-contact training on all positions of football on weekends for boys 7–20. In order to help inner-city youth attend Ogden Elite weekend camps, Marques holds fundraising events for scholarships. He also involves college recruiters and academic advisors to help the boys understand the effort it takes, both on and off the field, to thrive in their career and in life.

Marques strongly believes that we each create our own legacy. He is relentless in preparing for life’s transitions. He wisely states, “We have a choices in life: make excuses or strive to be your best.”

Posted On 03 Nov 2014
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