VIP Ink Publishing Releases “Kajun King” By “Trapper Joe” Noces Joseph LaFont Jr.

“Kajun King” available November 3rd, 2015 in Select Bookstores and Online

VIP Ink Publishing will be releasing Trapper Joe’s “Kajun King” on November 3rd, 2015.

“Kajun King” is an autobiography about the life of Trapper Joe, who has spent his life becoming an expert hunter and fisher. Ever since he was a child growing up in southern Louisiana, his Cajun roots were implanted in him, allowing for him to pursue all aspects of this fascinating lifestyle.

For Trapper Joe, the alligator season is the most dangerous, but also the most exciting time of year. However, he also seeks out other game as well, including fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, deer, hogs, rabbits and doves.

Trapper Joe’s life and adventures have been documented on the hit History Channel show Swamp People. With his help, this program became the top-rated show on the network, as 3.1 million people watched its premiere episode. Trapper Joe’s autobiography explores his life and hunting career, as well as his work on the show, and much more.

Posted On 16 Oct 2015
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VIP Ink Publishing Releases “Notes Never Sent” By Morissa Schwartz

“Notes Never Sent” Available Sept. 29, 2015 in Select Bookstores and Online

VIP Ink Publishing will be releasing Morissa Schwartz’s “Notes Never Sent”on September 29, 2015. “Notes Never Sent.” It is a creative non-­-fiction memoir compilation of inspirational letters and stories.

The book can be purchased at your favorite bookstore. The is available in paperback and an eBook format is coming shortly, with a later audio book release.
Morissa is an award-­-winning writer whose previous work includes her book, “A Career in Contests,” which follows her experience of winning nearly a thousand contests. This includes breaking the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets.

Morissa is also a contributor for Entertainment Weekly’s Community and has written about everything from “South Park” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to her experience as a contestant on the national competitive singing show “Copycat” on MTV.

Morissa has also worked on additional books for VIP Ink Publishing including Brian Dobson’s My Hero Walks on Water, Destiny Rose book and Troy Dorsey’s book.

Posted On 16 Oct 2015
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