NASCAR veteran Larry McReynolds to release autobiography

Larry McReynoldsBanneFormer crew chief, current broadcaster Larry McReynolds to release “The Constant Pursuit of Perfection” May 24th

NASCAR broadcaster Larry McReynolds will release his autobiography on May 24th via VIP Ink Publishing. NASCAR veteran Larry McReynolds will tell all in his new autobiography “The Constant Pursuit of Perfection,” due to be released May 24th. McReynlds was born in Birmingham, Alabama, and over the course of his career, has become a NASCAR broadcasting icon. His story illustrates faith and determination, as well as some of the struggles he has faced as he touches the lives of millions.

McReynolds’ NASCAR career began over 40 years ago, in 1975. He gradually worked his way up the ladder, and by 1985, he was a crew chief. His first win in this new position came in 1988 at Watkins Glen, where driver Ricky Rudd was victorious. He continued building a reputation as a winner in 1992, when he was the crew chief for Daytona 500 winner Davey Allison in the #28 car, the Robert Yates Racing Ford Thunderbird. In 1997, he joined Richard Childress Racing, and helped the legendary Dale Earnhardt win the 1998 Daytona 500.

After the 2000 season, McReynolds made a difficult decision. He left Richard Childress Racing and started a broadcasting career. He joined Mike Joy and three time Winston Cup Champion Darrell Waltrip. The three have a formed a dynamic trio since 2001 as commentators for FOX SPORTS. Currently, McReynolds is a racing analyst for FOX SPORTS and FOX SPORTS 1, and a columnist on

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VIP Ink Publishing in talks to turn books into motion pictures


 VIP Ink Publishing to partner with longtime production manager Elston Howard

VIP Ink Publishing is announcing a partnership with Elston Howard for potential movie production deals

VIP Ink Publishing is partnering with production manager Elston Howard to discuss some potential motion picture deals involving some of the publisher’s books. The publishing company is known for signing some of the top names in multiple fields, including sports, reality TV, and personal training. Mr. Howard sees this as a no-brainer move. According to him, “VIP Ink Publishing has publications on some of the biggest names in the business. Stories like Michael Lewis of the New Orleans have always been fan favorites to the city of the New Orleans.” He added that “When VIP Ink Publishing got in touch with me, we talked about the projects and I felt strongly they had a good 10 to 12 books that could be great for motion pictures.”

Howard was not able to commit to any specific release dates or pre-production times. However, he did make it known that the first order of business was going to be starting the scripts for the stories of Michael Lewis and Troy Dorsey. Howard is well-known in the industry, especially for his work on movies and TV shows like JKF; The Big Easy Television Series; Ray; K-Ville; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; GI Joe: Retaliation; Grudge Match; Escape Plan; Homefront; Fantastic Four; and Geostorm, a new film starring Gerard Butler and Katheryn Winnick.



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Harlem Globetrotter big man to signs with VIP Ink Publishing Jermaine Middleton to release autobiography

Globetrotter big man JermainJermaineStretchMiddletone Middleton to become VIP Ink Publishing’s newest author.

Basketball player Jermaine Middleton will tell his story in his upcoming book for VIP Ink Publishing. Middleton spent most of his childhood and teen years in his birthplace of Los Angeles, California. He never played basketball until he was 16, when he underwent a seven inch growth spurt. At that point, Willie E. West Jr., the head coach at Crenshaw high school, recruited him to join the team. Middleton graduated in 2003, then finished his high school career at South Kent School, an all-boys prep school in Connecticut.

After that, Jermaine attended Central Connecticut State University for two years, then transferred to Northwood University in West Palm Beach, Florida. In a two year span where he played for Northwood, his team won 54 games, winning the regular season Sun Conference Championship both years. In 2008, the team advanced to the NAIA National Tournament Quarterfinals, and were ranked in the top16 of the NAIA in 2009.

Middleton was a huge success at Northwood. He displayed the ability to rebound the ball on both ends of the floor, as well as use a soft touch around the basket. He also runs the floor well, can shoot a jumper, shoot a jump-hook with two hands, and bock shots.

In 2009 at the Premier Basketball League Draft, Middleton was drafted ninth overall by the two-time defending champion Rochester Razor Sharks. In 2012, Jermaine “Stretch” Middleton signed with the Harlem Globetrotters. At 7’4”, he is the third tallest player in team history.

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Nicole Moneer’s autobiography in stores June 7th, available for pre-order today



Nicole Moneer to release autobiography June 7th, available for pre-order now.

CHEK Holistic Lifestyle Coach and International Federation of Body Building Pro Nicole Moneer has dedicated her entire career to helping people improve their bodies, minds, relationships with God, and senses of self-worth and confidence. Using her hard gained knowledge and expertise of eating right, exercising, and inward reflection, she has helped them to achieve both spiritual and emotional wellness. Nicole started helping people when, as a four year old, she donated bone marrow to save her brother’s life. In the years since, she has lived to better and enrich the lives of others. However, she would not get to that point until going through much pain and personal suffering.

Nicole was not always the pinnacle of health and fitness that countless people look up to. It has been a long, uphill climb. From the day she was born up until her early 30s, Nicole has been forced to deal with various infections, physical pain and discomfort, fatigue, asthma attacks and digestive issues, all of which kept her in a consistent cycle of prescription drug, antibiotics and medication usage. Howe

ver, this only made things worse. Her relief came after she ended her dependency on prescription drugs and began to make better eating choices. Moreover, she curbed her alcohol and tobacco consumption and smoking, and went through detox to rid her body of harmful toxins. Also, she began to drop harmful people and relationships from her life, and started taking natural supplements with the help of her integrative physician.

While she has spent her young life keeping her body active with dance, cheer and performance, Nicole will be the first to tell you that you can look healthy on the outside, but still be going through inner turmoil. In her own words, you can be “skinny fat.” Even though she grew up the daughter of a doctor and a nurse, the abusive, neglectful nature of her father and her mother’s oversight of healthy eating meant that Nicole would have to come to terms with her health and turn it around on her own. That is exactly what she did.

Nicole’s commitment to health made her career as a professional fitness competitor and trainer the most sensible step. Her early years cheering on Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls as a World Champion Bulls Cheerleader with the Luvabulls gave way to her start in competition. Competing in Ms. Fitness USA, the Arnold Sports Festival, and National Physique Committee events, Nicole worked her way up to Pro status with the International Federation of Bodybuilding and Fitness. Fittingly, she ended her competing career with the Sheru Classic in Pune, India, where her father was born.

Today, even though she is retired from competing in a bikini, she offers unparalleled fitness, health, and life guidance and support to prospective and active competitors as a personal trainer and life coach. She improves the lives of her clients and all those she encounters every day with her inspirational story and advice. Of course, she has the unique experience going through chronic health issues, familial strain and emotionally draining relationships, and still coming out on the other side.

As Nicole strengthened her body, the lessons she would learn through her relationships strengthened her spirit. As a competitor, she had so-called “friends” who seemed to care more about competing and petty drama than supporting one another. She also had relationships with men who were often immature, prideful and dependent on substances. However, each and every figure in Nicole’s life has helped reveal to her the inner strength she has always had as well as the issues within her own self and past she knew she must face. All the disappointments and negative relationships only fueled her passion to use her experiences as a guide for others, to show people the value of honesty, open speech and self-reflection when trying to sustain relationships. Nicole could see the damage inflicted when communication breaks down, especially in the cracks of her parents’ marriage. While it has been a bumpy road with many “life lessons” learned, it has brought her closer to the next step of her journey with the start of her own family.

Nicole Moneer has come a long way from that little girl born sick with an upper respiratory infection, bullied in elementary school and plagued by internal health issues. But, she is still the same Nicole Moneer who saved her brother’s life at four years old, loves her Indian heritage, and excels at expressing her strength through her body, at first with dance and cheer, and later in the form of health and fitness. Her struggles and successes have been a source of inspiration for her friends, family, client and countless fans. She is determined to help everyone she encounters uncover their true potential as well. She has been able to help so many with her focus on eating healthy, taking natural supplements, tailoring your exercise routine to fit you, and cutting out negative people and influences in your life. At the same time, she emphasizes opening up your heart to God and the guidance that He can provide. The ability to improve our lives is in our hands. It just takes someone like Nicole Moneer to help show us just what we can do.



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Fitness model and businesswoman Larissa Reis is VIP Ink Publishing’s newest author Larissa Reis signs book deal with VIP Ink Publishing

larissaLarissa Reis, renowned professional figure athlete, has signed with VIP Ink Publishing.

Ever since she was raised in Brasilia, the capital of Brazil, Larissa Reis has focused on working hard, being loyal, and having inner strength. Her parents helped instill these values in her, and they stayed with her through college, where she graduated with a degree in Tourism and Hotel Management. Later with very little English and money, she moved to America. There, she worked her way up, becoming the first woman from her country to win an American figure professional show.

As an IFBB athlete, Reis has experienced a variety of different cultures, and has made it her mission to spread the values of love and world peace. In her career, Ms. Reis has worked as a professional athlete, personal trainer and nutritionist. She has become well known, and has been featured on the covers of popular magazines, like Iron Man Magazine and Muscular Development. Now, she lives in Las Vegas, where she opened her own restaurant franchise, called Protein House. This eatery has been shown on the Food Network channel, on the show Mystery Diners.

Through hard work and perseverance, Reis found success in the United States. She has not forgotten her roots, and instead wants to show others how they can succeed as well.

Photo courtesy of Nutrex


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Frank Hart of Atomic Opera and VIP Ink Publishing to release “Joyride: A Beginning in Every End” on March 8th.Atomic Opera frontman’s memoir is available for preorder now.


NEW ORLEANS, LA (January 6th, 2016) – “Joyride” is available globally on March 8th, and is currently ranked #1 in new releases under Inspirational Books on the strength of preorders.

Joyride covers Frank Hart’s life growing up in hopeless poverty as the step-son of a coal miner in Central Illinois, his finding faith and music, and the crooked, twisted road he took to follow his dreams. He was so close to his wildest dreams he says he could have licked the icing with his tongue—what is a person supposed to do when it all slips away? This book will provide the reader with a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of an artist living out his faith and never losing hope. It is a rare peek into the secret closets and junk drawers of an almost famous, almost rockstar’s psychology. Hart says that his music is the space between prayer and dreaming; and once you visit it the world will never look quite the same.

Frank Hart is the lead

singer, guitarist, and founding visionary of the rock band Atomic Opera. As a member of the “Houston Sound,” along with friends who were in King’s X and Galactic Cowboys, Hart released four albums with Atomic Opera: For Madmen Only, Penguin Dust, Alpha & Oranges and Gospel Cola. His group toured with Dio and King’s X, and played at many festivals, theaters and other concert venues in the U.S. and Japan. Through his music, Hart was able to forge his own path with dark arrangeme

nts, poetic lyrics, varied instrumentation, and a deeply spiritual message.

Unlike some contemporaries, Hart did not hide his faith. At the same time, he wanted to avoid the stereotypes of Christian rock, thus writing songs that

challenged weak-minded Christianity and explored the relationship between God and man. For some, Atomic Opera was too sacred, while to others, it was too secular. His first single, “Justice,” was the most added hard rock radio track for six consecutive weeks and the music video was played in rotation on MTV.

Hart has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and was voted “Houston’s best guitarist who never plays live” by the Houston Press. In 2005, he released a solo album called “Human Liturgy” to enthusiastic critical acclaim. He has also worked at CrossPoint Community Church as the creative director and worship leader. He released his second solo album, “The Living Creatures Project,” in 2013 and re-released the first Atomic Opera album in 2014, on the 20th anniversary of For Madmen Only.





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VIP Ink Publishing signs former Puddle of Mudd guitarist to new book deal

VIP Ink Publishing has signed Paul Phillips, the former lead guitarist for rock band Puddle of Mudd.

As a child, Paul Phillips firs11924360_10204702757593214_2619420796490449880_ot started to learn the guitar when he was just 11 years old. He was influenced by his father, who used to play in a cover band during Phillips’ childhood. As he got older, his first real gig came with a Jacksonville-based band called Happy Hour. After his friend Fred Durst invited him to audition, Phillips became a member of Puddle of Mudd in 1999, and stayed there until 2005.
The band’s first major hit came in 2001, with the release of the album Come Clean, which was certified triple platinum and sold more than five million copies. On that record, the most popular single was “Blurry,” which climbed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Phillips departed several years later, in 2005, and joined the band Operator for a short stint, only to return to Puddle from 2009-2011.

Since his 2011 departure, Phillips has stayed busy, writing and playing music for Nitro Circus: The Movie, as well as acting in the horror film The Guy Knows Everything, and joining Rev Theory for a short time.He has also appeared in several shows for Burn Season. Currently, he is involved in a project called the Fallout Collective, and DJs on The Fox 107.7. Moreover, he is collaborating with JP Corwyn on a southern rock project called Corwyn/Phillips. Phillips has also worked on several fitness and clothing shoots.


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