VIP Ink Publishing‘s best selling Christian author, Only A. Guy’s newest novel HOPE: In A Lost And Fallen World,debuts at # 1 in 2012 novels at Amazon.com. The new novel has already been raked #2 in 2012 end times, #3 in 2012 Prophecy, and # 3 in 2012 apocalypse on Amazon.

This book presents an inside view of what the conditions of the Earth will be like right before the return of Christ, in what the Bible calls the “End of Days”. It answers questions like: Where is the world going? Why is it filled with problems, troubles, evils and ills, that cause unhappiness, confusion and misery of every kind? What lies ahead for us? Is there hope in a lost and fallen world?”

Hope: In A Lost And Fallen World is out ranking such books as: The Purpose Driven Church ~ Rick Warren, Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions~ Mark Driscoll, Let It Go ~ T. D. Jakes, Snow Angel ~ Glenn Beck and Nicole Baart, Become A Better You Journal ~ Joel Osteen, and Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance ~Tony Dungy.

There’s still hope in a lost and fallen world! A wonderful new world is on the way, and this book offers an advance preview of what is to come. HOPE: IN A Lost And Fallen World, can be purchased from VIP Ink Publishing, your local bookstore, or your favorite online retailer.


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Heaven & Hell

VIP Ink Publishing author Only A. Guy’s newest book, Hard Question About Heaven and Hell, is making waves for both believers and un-believers alike. Many people are set within their ways and have created a false belief system on what it takes to get to Heaven and avoid Hell.

The book, Hard Questions About Heaven and Hell, does not hold back the truth, and we all have heard the slogan the truth stings a little. The book addresses some of the hardest questions of our time. Such questions as: What does the Bible say about reincarnation? What are the Gates of Hell? What does the Bible say about Purgatory? What will Heaven look like? Are there different levels of punishment in Hell?

As you can see, these questions alone can create a controversial view point; however, the author uses the Holy Bible to back all of the answers within this book. If your wondering whether or not you have what it takes to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven, this book provides the answers. To learn more about this book, feel free to watch the book trailer that is playing on youtube.

Pre-orders for the book are being taken by Amazon.com and will be shipped on June 5th. The new book has already been raked # 2 in God is Love, and #1 in Church Growth on Amazon. This is the fourth book of a set titled ” Hard Questions” by the anonymous Christian author.

Heaven and Hell is out ranking such books as: The Purpose Driven Church ~ Rick Warren, Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions~ Mark Driscoll, NKJV Pocket Companion Bible, The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity ~William P. Young, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love~Max Lucado, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance ~Tony Dungy, and Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God~Max Lucado.

The answers within this book will help guide you toward a stronger faith and a hunger for God’s Word. Hard Questions About Heaven and Hell can be purchased from VIP Ink Publishing, your local bookstore, or your favorite online retailer.


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Troy Dorsey

Eight Time World Boxing and World Kick Boxing Champion, Troy Dorsey, Signs Global Book Deal

VIP Ink Publishing signs former IBF and IBO world boxing champion and world kick boxing champion, Troy Dorsey, for an autobiography. Troy Dorsey is a former professional boxer and martial arts fighter. He is the first man in history to hold world titles in both karate and boxing.

After a brief and successful run as an amateur kick boxer, Dorsey turned professional. He won multiple International and World Kickboxing titles sanctioned by K.I.C.K, ISKA, and WAKO. Milestones of Dorsey’s kickboxing career include: a one sided knockout defeat of highly regarded Santae Wilson for the US, a featherweight championship and his literal destruction of #1 challenger Steve Demechuk. Dorsey would drop Demechuk no less than 6 times before finally knocking his opponent out. Dorsey is widely considered one of full contact kickboxing’s greatest fighters and a much sought after trainer.

In 1985, Dorsey became a professional boxer. As a boxer, Dorsey held the NABF Featherweight Title, IBO Super Featherweight Title and also won the IBF Featherweight World Championship. His style and endurance made him one of the eras most exciting fighters. Troy Dorsey is perhaps best known for two non-stop fights with IBF World Champion Jorge Páez. One fight including a highly controversial decision won by Paez in Dorsey’s first title attempt. Milestones in Dorsey’s boxing career include: brutal battles with Champions Gabriel Ruelas, Manuel Medina, Kevin Kelley, Jesse James Leija, and Tom Johnson, as well as, facing Olympian and future 5 time World Champion Oscar De la Hoya.

Dorsey is best known for his indemonstrable spirit, amazing physical endurance and a propensity to hammer an opponent with a withering constant barrage of punches. His overall aggressiveness and refusal to back down prompted former Featherweight champion, Kevin Kelley, to equate his 12 round decision over Dorsey “Like a night spent in hell!”

Dorsey, like many of his fights, will not hold back punches when he tells all in his up and coming autobiography.


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Nicole Moneer

IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete and bodybuilding.com sponsored athlete, Nicole Moneer, Signs Global Book Deal With VIP Ink Publishing.

VIP Ink Publishing signs IFBB Pro Bikini Athlete, Nicole Moneer, for an autobiography. Nicole was chronically ill on Rx and OTC drugs for almost 20 years; she was sick and tired of being sick. With proper consistent nutrition, workouts and supplements, Nicole improved the quality of her life. Her accomplishments include: IFBB Bikini Pro, internationally published fitness model and writer, sponsored athlete for industry giant bodybuilding.com, VPX/Redline spokes model, and 1994-1995 Chicago Bulls Cheerleader.

Showcasing her competition results and fitness tips, Nicole has been featured in such publications as Muscular Development, Oxygen, Planet Muscle, Fitness Rx, Health & Fitness, Flex, FitnessX Magazine, MuscleMag, Muscle & Fitness, Ms. Fitness Magazine and Iron Man Magazine. She also has been featured on a variety of local Chicago-area and south Florida television and radio shows, as well as, international fitness websites.

Nicole has touched the hearts of thousands with her drive, passion and determination. Her Cinderella story is scheduled for a 2013 release date.

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Stanley Simmons

UFO Researcher Stanley Simmons Signs Global Book Deal With VIP Ink Publishing

VIP Ink Publishing signs UFO researcher, Stanley Simmons, to a three book deal. Simmons is best known for his work in the world of UFO research. The first book, The Great Deception: Why Are They Here, is schedule for a September 25, 2012 release date.

Simmons’ research comes from the biblical perspective. His book uncovers how these UFO sightings are directly related to the end times deception. Simmons research has been referenced by a number of church groups, and has been mentioned in several UFO magazines.

UFO Magazine UK stated “Simmons was one of the first people to connect that these objects/aliens have the ability to move between our world and their world.”

Bishop Harmon of International Vision stated “Simmons is one of the few people that has connected many of the end times dots”.

Columbus Baptist President, Noel McCarthy, stated “Simmons is one of the few people we trust to talk on the subject.”

The Great Deception: Why Are They Here reveals heart pounding biblical facts as to what aliens are, why they are so interested in humans, and where to locate this information within the Holy Bible.

Millions of people believe that 2012 will show an increase in UFO sightings, as well as, alien abductions.


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