Frank Hart of Atomic Opera and VIP Ink Publishing to release “Joyride: A Beginning in Every End” on March 8th.Atomic Opera frontman’s memoir is available for preorder now.


NEW ORLEANS, LA (January 6th, 2016) – “Joyride” is available globally on March 8th, and is currently ranked #1 in new releases under Inspirational Books on the strength of preorders.

Joyride covers Frank Hart’s life growing up in hopeless poverty as the step-son of a coal miner in Central Illinois, his finding faith and music, and the crooked, twisted road he took to follow his dreams. He was so close to his wildest dreams he says he could have licked the icing with his tongue—what is a person supposed to do when it all slips away? This book will provide the reader with a glimpse into the struggles and triumphs of an artist living out his faith and never losing hope. It is a rare peek into the secret closets and junk drawers of an almost famous, almost rockstar’s psychology. Hart says that his music is the space between prayer and dreaming; and once you visit it the world will never look quite the same.

Frank Hart is the lead

singer, guitarist, and founding visionary of the rock band Atomic Opera. As a member of the “Houston Sound,” along with friends who were in King’s X and Galactic Cowboys, Hart released four albums with Atomic Opera: For Madmen Only, Penguin Dust, Alpha & Oranges and Gospel Cola. His group toured with Dio and King’s X, and played at many festivals, theaters and other concert venues in the U.S. and Japan. Through his music, Hart was able to forge his own path with dark arrangeme

nts, poetic lyrics, varied instrumentation, and a deeply spiritual message.

Unlike some contemporaries, Hart did not hide his faith. At the same time, he wanted to avoid the stereotypes of Christian rock, thus writing songs that

challenged weak-minded Christianity and explored the relationship between God and man. For some, Atomic Opera was too sacred, while to others, it was too secular. His first single, “Justice,” was the most added hard rock radio track for six consecutive weeks and the music video was played in rotation on MTV.

Hart has been featured in Guitar Player Magazine and was voted “Houston’s best guitarist who never plays live” by the Houston Press. In 2005, he released a solo album called “Human Liturgy” to enthusiastic critical acclaim. He has also worked at CrossPoint Community Church as the creative director and worship leader. He released his second solo album, “The Living Creatures Project,” in 2013 and re-released the first Atomic Opera album in 2014, on the 20th anniversary of For Madmen Only.





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Columnist, Blogger, and Life-coach Amy Elizabeth becomes VIP Ink Publishing’s Newest Author

VIP Ink PublisAmy_Elizabeth_Bannerhing has signed columnist, blogger, and life/relationship coach Amy Elizabeth

Based in Los Angeles, Amy Elizabeth has acquired a significant following as a writer and copy editor in Southern California and beyond. Amy knows and enjoys the often glamorous L.A. life, but has been able to maintain spiritual values even in this milieu. Despite her big-city experience, she still believes in the power of love and miracles. Because Amy grew up in Chicago, attended college at Pepperdine University), and currently lives in Beverly Hills, she has been described as an “L.A. girl with a Midwestern heart.”
Amy’s work has been featured in magazines such as Viva Glam, My Vegas, and Beautiful Bride. She also posts her own blog, (, in which she explores topics relating to love and spirituality. Her next major project will be as a contributor to the book, Sixteen, which features letters significant adult females write to their teenage selves.

Amy has not made her professional and spiritual journey alone. Spiritual authors Marianne Williamson and Gabrielle Bernstein, in addition to relationship expert Dr. Pat Allen, have been influential in her life and in her work. Ms. Bernstein has certified Amy as a Spirit Junkie Masterclass Level 1 trainer.

Amy is living proof that you can both be spiritual and sparkle.


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VIP Ink Publishing signs former Puddle of Mudd guitarist to new book deal

VIP Ink Publishing has signed Paul Phillips, the former lead guitarist for rock band Puddle of Mudd.

As a child, Paul Phillips firs11924360_10204702757593214_2619420796490449880_ot started to learn the guitar when he was just 11 years old. He was influenced by his father, who used to play in a cover band during Phillips’ childhood. As he got older, his first real gig came with a Jacksonville-based band called Happy Hour. After his friend Fred Durst invited him to audition, Phillips became a member of Puddle of Mudd in 1999, and stayed there until 2005.
The band’s first major hit came in 2001, with the release of the album Come Clean, which was certified triple platinum and sold more than five million copies. On that record, the most popular single was “Blurry,” which climbed to No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100. Phillips departed several years later, in 2005, and joined the band Operator for a short stint, only to return to Puddle from 2009-2011.

Since his 2011 departure, Phillips has stayed busy, writing and playing music for Nitro Circus: The Movie, as well as acting in the horror film The Guy Knows Everything, and joining Rev Theory for a short time.He has also appeared in several shows for Burn Season. Currently, he is involved in a project called the Fallout Collective, and DJs on The Fox 107.7. Moreover, he is collaborating with JP Corwyn on a southern rock project called Corwyn/Phillips. Phillips has also worked on several fitness and clothing shoots.


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Former Pop Evil lead guitarist Anthony Greve to be VIP Ink Publishing’s newest author

VIP Ink Publishing has signed Anthony 12180556_10208213404558028_1061507158_oGreve, best known as the former lead guitarist for Pop Evil.

Since growing up in Whitehall, Michigan, Anthony Greve wanted to achieve success in the music industry. He started his career as a member of local bands Bidtter Ecstasy and Two Heded Chan, and then gained fame as the lead guitarist for Pop Evil. Songs the band released, like “Hero” and “Monster You Made” received both commercial and critical acclaim, and Pop Evil became more popular, touring with other groups like Rev Theory, Three Doors Down, Judas Priest and Saliva.

At the same time, Greve encountered demons. In one of the bands songs, he described his battle to “Erase this monster I’ve become. Forgive me for all the damage done.” He tried to escape his problems by drowning them out with alcohol, drugs, girls and partying, but this just augmented the pain. Greve had come face to face with the Prince of Darkness, but in the midst of this, he found life.

Greve turned to God, and Jesus Christ transformed his life. He left Pop Evil, along with his old ways, and attended North Point Bible College. From there, God called him to become a traveling evangelist, and he used his salvation story to bring the Gospel Message to others. His purpose in life is no longer to be a famous musician, but to be a witness for Jesus Christ.

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VIP Ink Publishing Releases “Kajun King” By “Trapper Joe” Noces Joseph LaFont Jr.

“Kajun King” available November 3rd, 2015 in Select Bookstores and Online

VIP Ink Publishing will be releasing Trapper Joe’s “Kajun King” on November 3rd, 2015.

“Kajun King” is an autobiography about the life of Trapper Joe, who has spent his life becoming an expert hunter and fisher. Ever since he was a child growing up in southern Louisiana, his Cajun roots were implanted in him, allowing for him to pursue all aspects of this fascinating lifestyle.

For Trapper Joe, the alligator season is the most dangerous, but also the most exciting time of year. However, he also seeks out other game as well, including fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, deer, hogs, rabbits and doves.

Trapper Joe’s life and adventures have been documented on the hit History Channel show Swamp People. With his help, this program became the top-rated show on the network, as 3.1 million people watched its premiere episode. Trapper Joe’s autobiography explores his life and hunting career, as well as his work on the show, and much more.

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VIP Ink Publishing Releases “Notes Never Sent” By Morissa Schwartz

“Notes Never Sent” Available Sept. 29, 2015 in Select Bookstores and Online

VIP Ink Publishing will be releasing Morissa Schwartz’s “Notes Never Sent”on September 29, 2015. “Notes Never Sent.” It is a creative non-­-fiction memoir compilation of inspirational letters and stories.

The book can be purchased at your favorite bookstore. The is available in paperback and an eBook format is coming shortly, with a later audio book release.
Morissa is an award-­-winning writer whose previous work includes her book, “A Career in Contests,” which follows her experience of winning nearly a thousand contests. This includes breaking the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets.

Morissa is also a contributor for Entertainment Weekly’s Community and has written about everything from “South Park” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to her experience as a contestant on the national competitive singing show “Copycat” on MTV.

Morissa has also worked on additional books for VIP Ink Publishing including Brian Dobson’s My Hero Walks on Water, Destiny Rose book and Troy Dorsey’s book.

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VIP Ink Publishing’s Newest Author, Former Lead Guitarist of Rock Band Rev Theory Richard Thomas AKA Rikki Lixx signs with VIP Ink Publishing

Richard-Thomas-Banner-700VIP Ink Publishing has signed its newest author Richard Thomas, AKA Rikki Lixx, former lead guitarist for rock bands “Operator” and “Rev Theory.” Richard Thomas is a talented musician who has been affiliated with several musical groups throughout his career such as “Jealous Type” (Dangerous Entertainment) in Philadelphia, “Automatic Black” on Arista, “Operator” (Atlantic Records) and “Rev Theory” (Interscope Records/Idol Roc/Maloof music/VANHOWES Records). He has toured with bands such as Lynyrd Skynyrd, Avenged Sevenfold, Puddle of Mudd, BuckCherry, Papa Roach and Staind. He has released several records with Rev Theory and is also an endorsing artist of Epiphone/Gibson guitars.

Richard’s success did not come without trial. He developed a drug problem that needed to be dealt with. Musicares sent Richard to rehab where he got clean and started a new life musically and spiritually. He accepted Jesus Christ into his heart and has ventured out independently as a Christian Rock artist. His solo records include “Truth”, “King of Kings”, “Spiritual Warfare” and “Sinners Prayer” featuring Tyler Thomas.

“I write, record, engineer, produce, mix and master all my music by myself in my recording studio, just me and The Holy Spirit. I haven’t put together a band yet. No plans to tour as of now. The future looks very bright though,” said Richard.

VIP Ink Publishing is looking forward to working with Richard on his book that will be a source of encouragement for many.

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