VIP Ink Publishes Hard Questions About Humanity Anonymous Author Only A. Guy Releases New Book On Humanity


VIP Ink Publishing author Only A. Guy’s newest book, Hard Question About Humanity, is on sale now. It can be purchased from VIP Ink Publishing or any local bookstore or online retailer. The book, Hard Questions About Humanity, addresses some of the hardest questions of our time, such as: Do human beings truly have a free will? What is the origin of the different races? Why did the people in Genesis live such long lives? Why did God create us? Can man live without God? What does it mean that man is made in the image of God? The author uses the Holy Bible to support all of the answers within this book.

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Former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Signs with VIP Ink Publishing

deryn_derbigny_600NEW ORLEANS, LA (March, 31, 2015) – Former New Orleans Saintsation, New Orleans Hornets Honeybee, and Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Deryn Derbigny has signed with VIP Ink Publishing to tell her story of overcoming the obstacles she faced in achieving her success as a professional dancer. Her story is one of perseverance and is an encouragement to many.

Deryn is a 32-year-old native of New Orleans, Louisiana. She has spent countless years polishing her skills as a professional dancer. As a five-year member of the New Orleans Saintsations, she was chosen to represent the team as a Pro-Bowl Cheerleader. After losing everything and being displaced by Hurricane Katrina, she continued her professional cheer-leading career as a member of the World Renowned Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders. As a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders, she was afforded the opportunity to tour overseas in the team’s elite show group.
Deryn has proven her diversity in the NBA as a member of the New Orleans Hornets Honeybees.

As a child of a single parent household, she has faced all challenges head on and prevailed. At no point did she allow herself to become a victim of her circumstances. Deryn has gone on to become a loving mother of two children and a professional entrepreneur. She is now the owner and part owner of several up and coming businesses.

Deryn and VIP Ink Publishing will be working together to publish her book in the near future.

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VIP Ink Publishing signs with Author Morissa Schwartz

morissa_schwartz_600Morissa Schwartz’s book “Notes Never Sent” will be Released This Summer.

NEW ORLEANS, LA (March, 17, 2015) – Morissa Schwartz has signed with VIP Ink Publishing for her newest book “Notes Never Sent.” It is a creative non-fiction memoir compilation of inspirational letters and stories. VIP Ink Publishing expects to release Morissa’s book, “Notes Never Sent” this summer.

Morissa is an award-winning writer whose other works include her book, “A Career in Contests,” which follows Morissa’s experience winning nearly a thousand contests. This includes breaking the Guinness World Record for World’s Longest Chain of Bracelets. She is also a contributor for Entertainment Weekly’s Community and has written about everything from “South Park” and “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” to her experience as a contestant on the national competitive singing show “Copycat” on MTV.

Morissa has also worked on additional books for VIP Ink Publishing including Brian Dobson’s My Hero Walks on Water, Crystal Marie’s book, and Troy Dorsey’s book.

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Marques Ogden Former Baltimore Raven Signs With VIP Ink Publishing to Release his Autobiography

marques_ogden_450VIP Ink Publishing signs former Baltimore Raven, Marques Ogden, for an autobiography. Ogden is mostly known for his career as an NFL player and for his football coaching skills from children to adults but there is so much more to his story.

Marques Ogden grew up in a single parent home with a strong father whose memory still inspires him today as the epitome of perseverance and fairness. From his father, Marques learned how to define his life values, set long-term goals, and pursue them tenaciously despite obstacles. These core strengths enabled Marques to develop the grit to achieve his goals of playing football while attending college and later succeed proudly as an NFL player.

From 2003–2008, Marques played as Offensive Lineman for the Tennessee Titans, Buffalo Bills, Baltimore Ravens, and Jacksonville Jaguars. He also trained football players in the off-season for the NFL European League on running, pass blocking, and other tactical skills, as well as building their endurance and strength. As an NFL player, Marques became a popular motivational speaker. His passionate message centers around envisioning one’s life in the long-term, defining one’s values, building strength of character, acting with integrity, acquiring an education, and helping others succeed.

In 2008, Marques left NFL football and launched Kayden Enterprises, a highly successful construction firm specializing in concrete and earthmoving, in Baltimore, MD. As the CEO, Marques directed and organized all of the marketing, sales, client relations and public speaking to promote his company and brand in the construction industry. Smart CEO Magazine awarded him the “Future Best 50” Award and his industry peers nominated him as the “Entrepreneur of the Year” in 2009 for his exceptional construction business.

In 2013, he launched Ogden Elite Football Camps. The camp provides non-contact training on all positions of football on weekends for boys 7–20. In order to help inner-city youth attend Ogden Elite weekend camps, Marques holds fundraising events for scholarships. He also involves college recruiters and academic advisors to help the boys understand the effort it takes, both on and off the field, to thrive in their career and in life.

Marques strongly believes that we each create our own legacy. He is relentless in preparing for life’s transitions. He wisely states, “We have a choices in life: make excuses or strive to be your best.”

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Anonymous Author Only A. Guy Releases New Book On Creation

only_a_guy_creation_450VIP Ink Publishing author Only A. Guy’s newest book, Hard Question About Creation, is making waves for both believers and un-believers alike. Our society has created a false belief system about the evolution of life and many have accepted this belief as a fact.

The book, Hard Questions About Creation, provides a biblical explanation of how life really began. The book addresses some of the hardest questions of our time, such as: What does the Bible say about Creation vs. Evolution? What is the age of the earth? How old is the earth? Why did God create such a vast universe and other planets if there is only life on Earth? What is the Intelligent Design Theory? What was God doing before He created the universe? As you can see, these questions alone can create a controversial view point; however, the author uses the Holy Bible to back all of the answers within this book.

Creation is out ranking such books as: The Purpose Driven Church ~ Rick Warren, Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions~ Mark Driscoll, NKJV Pocket Companion Bible, The Shack: Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity ~William P. Young, Experiencing the Heart of Jesus: Knowing His Heart, Feeling His Love~Max Lucado, Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance ~Tony Dungy, and Cast of Characters: Common People in the Hands of an Uncommon God~Max Lucado.

The answers within this book will help guide you toward a stronger faith and a hunger for God’s Word. Hard Questions About Creation can be purchased from VIP Ink Publishing, your local bookstore or your favorite online retailer.

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Former NFL Player Michael Lewis Of The New Orleans Saints Releases His Long Awaited Autobiography

mike_lewis_10-29-2014_press_450VIP Ink Publishing recently released “Dreams” the life story of Michael Lewis. The book was officially released to the public on October 28, 2014. Plaza Level, Gate A, Team Store. Michael Lewis, team ambassador of the New Orleans Saints, is best known as a return specialist. Although Lewis did not play college football, he was signed by the Louisiana Bayou Beast in 1998. Lewis has also played for the New Orleans Thunder, New Jersey Red Dogs, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints and the San Francisco 49ers.

In 2000, Lewis’ life would dramatically change as he went from a former Budweiser beer truck driver (thus, the nickname “Beer Man”) to being signed by the New Orleans Saints practice squad. In 2001, he was sent by the Saints to play for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe. Later that year, Lewis would begin his career as a New Orleans Saint. In 2002, he would set an NFL record for combined kick-punt return yardage with 2,432 yards total (1,807 kickoff, 625 punt). He is currently the Saints’ all-time career leader in punt returns (142) and punt return yardage (1,482). On June 15, 2007, the Saints released him. The local New Orleans newspaper, the Times-Picayune, titled the news headline “There’s a Tear in My Beer” because Lewis was an inspiration to many locals who went from beer truck driver to NFL star.

Contributing to the book are teammates Aaron Brooks, Deuce McAllister, along with coaches Al Everett and Ricky Porter.

Michael Lewis’ book “Dreams” proves anything is possible if you are willing to do anything and everything to achieve your dreams. Through faith, determination, sacrifice, hard work and a lot of sleepless nights, Michael Lewis dreamed a dream and made it a reality. From truck driver to trucking NFL defenders to setting NFL records, this is Michael Lewis’ “Dreams”.

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VIP Ink Publishing Opens New Distribution Center in Poland

vip_ink_news_420With one of the most rapidly growing book industries in Eastern Europe, VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. is excited to add Poland to its quickly expanding Global Connect distribution network.

There is huge demand for foreign language titles in Poland and with the top Polish retail chains boasting over 8 million visitors a month and an excess of $150 million in profit, our authors would have a chance to increase their revenue and their global reach now.

About The Company:
VIP Ink Publishing was founded in 2011. We are a small to mid-size publishing house with distribution to over 38,000 wholesalers, retailers, and booksellers in over 100 countries. This allows our authors to gain maximum exposure in the market.

We have warehouses in Oregon, California, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, and Indiana as well as operations in the United Kingdom, France, Russia, Brazil, Germany, Poland and Australia. We also provide digital distribution.

We have signed Al Oliver, the famous baseball player, A. J. Styles TNA Wrestler, Guinness Book of World Records’ for Fastest Woman in the world on a motorcycle, Leslie Porterfield, International model Sunshin Tutt, WBNA player Ebony Hoffman, NFL Player Michael Lewis, Trapper Joe, from the hit television show “Swamp People” that airs on the History channel, the Christian rock group The Letter Black, multi-platinum selling artist Sammy Kershaw, NBA player Carldell Johnson, eight time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman, world boxing and kickboxing champion Troy Dorsey, world champion boxer Jesse James Leija, Ric Moore, whom has been a Playboy photographic for over 20 years, Angelo “Barefoot Pookie” White original co-founder of the Los Angels gang the Crips – Crips to Christ, Destinee Hooker silver medal winner with the United States Olympics 2012.

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