Update On A J Styles’ Autobiography

Please allow this correspondence to serve as an official update on A.J. Styles’ autobiography. After months of board meetings between VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. and A. J. Styles both sides have come to the agreement to slow down on the release date of the book due to waiting on copyright approvals, a few more interviews, as well as the timing of the match for the Heavy Weight Championship with Bully Ray. We feel that the fans deserve nothing but the very best and that is what we intend to give them.

While we know this is a disappointment, we want the fans to know, we are just as disappointed as you are. As both sides continue to work diligently together, please keep a watchful eye to the website www.vipinkpublishing.com and A. J. Styles’ facebook page facebook.com/ajstylesorg for more updates. As soon as we have a release date and cover layout, we will release another press release.

Thank you for your understanding,


Alfred Adams

Posted On 08 Oct 2013
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Eight Time Mr. Olympia Ronnie Coleman Signs Global Book Deal With VIP Ink Publishing

VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. recently signed eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman, for an autobiography.  Coleman holds the record for most wins as an IFBB professional with 26 wins. He broke the previous record, held by Vince Taylor at 22 wins, in Moscow on November 5, 2004. Ronnie Coleman graduated cum laude from Grambling State University (GSU) in 1986 with a BS in accounting. While attending Grambling State University, Coleman played football as a middle linebacker with the GSU Tigers under Coach Eddie Robinson. After graduation, Coleman became a police officer in Arlington, Texas. He served as an officer from 1989 to 2000 as well as a reserve officer until 2003.

Coleman’s fellow officer, John Morgan, suggested he attend the Metroflex gym which is owned by amateur bodybuilder Brian Dobson. Dobson, who is also signed with VIP Ink Publishing, offered Coleman a free lifetime membership if he could train Coleman for the upcoming Mr. Texas bodybuilding competition later that year. Coleman is also an avid supporter of the Inner City Games, an organization that Arnold Schwarzenegger co-founded in 1991. In 2001, Coleman received the Admiral Texas Navy Certificate Award from Texas Governor Rick Perry for outstanding achievements in bodybuilding.

Ronnie Coleman’s autobiography will cover his life from his humble beginning in Louisiana to becoming world famous and the face of bodybuilding. It will also cover his faith and determination from both on and off center stage; as well as, the struggles he had to face and overcome to become a World Champion. His inspiring story will touch the hearts of millions.

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World Champion Jesse James Leija’s Autobiography Is Close To Completion

The former three time NABF champion and two time WBC world boxing champion, Jesse James Leija, is close to completing his autobiography. Leija’s autobiography titled “Against All Odds: The Rise Of A Champion” is being published by VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C.  Some contributors to the book are Pete Rose, Oscar De La Hoya, Troy Dorsey, Marvelous Marvin Hagler, Micky Ward, Donald Driver, Chavo Guerrero, Gabriel Ruelas, Ronnie Shields, Leo Zuniga, Don Kahn, Nelson Wolf, and Texas Boxing Commissioner Dick Cole.

Against All Odds: The Rise Of A Champion will cover Leija’s seventeen year career along with his winning of two world titles. Leija had nine world title fights, defeated fifteen world contenders of which three were Olympians, and he retired with an amazing record of 47-7-2 with nineteen knockouts. Leija had a compelling 33-5 record in a short amateur career, and despite his relative inexperience, he still won the San Antonio Golden Gloves title and earned a spot in the 1988 Olympic Trials. Although he lost on a razor-thin decision to two-time world amateur champion Kelcie Banks, this fight would later prove that boxing would fit Leija like a second skin. It will also cover his faith and determination from both in and outside the ring; as well as, the struggles he had to face and overcome to become a World Champion. His inspiring story will touch the hearts of millions.

Leija Battah Promotions along with Golden Boy Promotions will be promoting Knockout Kings II that will air on Showtime July 27th. If you’re in the area, come out and support VIP Ink Publishing author Jesse James Leija and be a part of history.

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World Renowned Motorcyclist Leslie Porterfield Inks Global Book Deal

  VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. recently signed Leslie Porterfield for an autobiography. In 2008, Porterfield was named the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA) Racing Female Rider of the Year. Porterfield holds several land speed records and is a first woman on a motorcycle to be in the Bonneville 200 mph club. She is also the owner of High Five Cycles in Dallas.

At the Bonneville Salt Flats in 2007, she broke seven ribs, punctured a lung and suffered a concussion; however, Leslie was still determined to set the record. One year later, Porterfield was named to the Guinness Book of World Records’ for Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle with her land speed record set at Bonneville, and has been over 240mph. Her trials and tribulations of obtaining records at events were documented for the Discovery Channel show “Speed Capital of the World: Bonneville”, as well as a documentary “Chasing Speed: Leslie Porterfield” on the Velocity Channel . She has been featured in Time Magazine, CNN and many other publications for her recorded breaking achievements.

As a teen, Porterfield found herself homeless, wondering where her next meal would come from and unsure as to where she was going to sleep each night. Through many hardships, Leslie learned valuable lessons and found a road to happiness and success. Her amazing story will cover her faith and determination from both on and off the motorcycle. It will also outline how she overcame the hardships of being homeless, battling depression, owning a business, being a single mother of twins, as well as her triumph of becoming the Guinness Book of World Records’ for Fastest Woman in the World on a Motorcycle. Her inspiring story will touch the hearts of many.

For more information on Leslie Porterfield and upcoming events, please visit http://www.vipinkpublishing.com/


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New Book Answers Hard Questions About Christianity

International bestselling Christian author, Only A. Guy, releases his newest book, Hard Question About Christianity . This book has already been raked # 1 in Christian life and #2 in Bible Studies on Amazon. This is the seventh book of a set titled “Hard Questions” by the anonymous Christian author.

Christianity is already out-ranking such books as: The Purpose Driven Church ~ Rick Warren, Vintage Jesus: Timeless Answers to Timely Questions~ Mark Driscoll, Let It Go ~ T. D. Jakes, Snow Angel ~ Glenn Beck and Nicole Baart, Become A Better You Journal ~ Joel Osteen, and Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance ~Tony Dungy.

This book covers hard questions about the Christianity with plain answers. Such questions as: What is Christianity and what do Christians believe? How do I convert to Christianity? Why are there so many different Christian interpretations? If all Christians have the same Bible and the same Holy Spirit, should Christians be able to agree? Why are there so many Christian denominations? Should Christians be tolerant of other people’s religious beliefs?

“Hard Questions About Christianity ” can be purchased from VIP Ink Publishing, your local bookstore, or your favorite online retailer.

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Swamp People’s Trapper Joe Signs A Global Book Deal

  VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. recently signed Swamp People’s Trapper Joe for an autobiography. Noces Joseph LaFont, Jr. (Trapper Joe) is a veteran when it comes to south Louisiana hunting and fishing.  His traditional Cajun roots implanted into him as a child are show cased on the hit television show Swamp People that airs on the History Channel every Thursday night at 10/9c. Trapper Joe was on the first three seasons of Swamp People but was unable to return for season four due to Hurricane Isaac and the destruction it left behind on south Louisiana. He is expected to returned for season five with more gator catching tricks.

Alligator season is the most exciting and most dangerous time of the year for alligator hunters in Louisiana. When Trapper Joe is not hunting alligators, he is hunting for other game within the Cajun lifestyle like: fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, deer, hog, rabbit, dove and so forth.

His autobiography will detail his life from growing up in south Louisiana to helping Swamp People become the #1 rated reality show on the History channel with a premiere viewing of 3.1 million. It will also be filled with amazing hunting and fishing stories as well as his Cajun recipes. This book will be a real must have for any true fan of the Cajun lifestyle.



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Professional Bodybuilder Cory Mathews Signs Global Book Deal

VIP Ink Publishing, L.L.C. signed Cory Mathews for an autobiography. Cory Mathews began his competitive bodybuilding journey in 2010. Mathews was the overall winner of the Lone Star Classic in 2010 as well as and the overall winner of the  Ronnie Coleman Classic in 2011. Mathews is coached and mentored in Arlington, TX by Brian Dobson. Dobson, who is also signed to VIP Ink Publishing, is a legendary hardcore trainer to bodybuilding icons and sports professionals such as Ronnie Coleman, Eight-time Mr. Olympia, IFBB Pro Johnnie O. Jackson, and IFBB Pro Branch Warren.

Mathews is now an ordained minister but his life was not always a bed of roses. From the ages of 12 to 25, he was living the “Vegas Mob Lifestyle” that Hollywood so often showcases. Mathews finally gave himself up to authorities at the age of 25 because he was just tired of running from the law. The law firm that would represent him would be no other than Goodman & Chesnuff. Oscar Goodman represented defendants accused of being some of the leading organized crime figures in Las Vegas, such as Meyer Lansky, Nicky Scarfo, Herbert “Fat Herbie” Blitzstein, Phil Leonetti, and former Stardust Casino boss Frank ‘Lefty’ Rosenthal. One of his notorious clients was reputed Chicago mobster Anthony “Tony the Ant” Spilotro, who was known to have a short and violent temper. In the semi-factual 1995 movie Casino, the character of Nicky Santoro was based on Spilotro and was portrayed by actor Joe Pesci. Goodman had a cameo appearance in the film as himself while defending “Ace Rothstein”, a character closely based on Lefty Rosenthal and played by Robert De Niro.

Cory Mathews gave his life to the Lord while serving out his debt to society. His amazing testimony will detail his life from Vegas mobster to winning center stage overall at the Ronnie Coleman Classic 2011.

For more information on Cory Mathews and upcoming events, please visit http://www.vipinkpublishing.com/

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