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Photo of Brian Dobson
Brian Dobson

Brian Dobson’s book “My Hero Walks On Water” showcases his amazing life from the numerous times God has used him to save many people, when they felt they had nowhere else to turn, to his discovery of eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Dobson, founder and owner of Metroflex Gym, is also trainer and mentor to Branch Warren, two time winner of the Arnold Classic Championship and IFBB Pro Bodybuilder Cory Mathews.

Metroflex Gym is not your average gym. At times, it has been used as a ministry to help many people overcome addictions and to witness to them the message of Jesus Christ. In 2008, Dobson started a homeless outreach ministry that feeds over 500 people each month. The meals are provided with fresh meat and fish that Dobson personally catches. Dobson’s philosophy is “this is exactly what Jesus would do”.

Brian Dobson’s autobiography is nothing short of spectacular as it details the birth of Metroflex Gym as well as his discovery of eight time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. “My Hero walks On Water” provides the reader with a detailed view into Dobson’s life from how he started the Ronnie Coleman Classic, to his struggles with drugs, and working with Branch Warren and Johnny O. Jackson, as well as his passion for hunting and his walk with his Christian faith.

The forward is written by: 8 Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman. Contributors to the book are: Two time winner of the Arnold Classic Championships, Branch Warren, Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder, Johnny O. Jackson, and Pastor Troy Brewer.

“I tell people all the time that Brian Dobson is my angel …if it had not been for Brian Dobson, I would have never become eight-time Mr. Olympia”. – 8 Time Mr. Olympia, Ronnie Coleman

“As I have traveled around the world and spoken to audiences in 37 different countries I always tell them that everything I have and the work ethic and dedi¬cation I have, I owe to bodybuilding. Well, if it wasn’t for Brian Dobson instilling those things in me and his never ending encouragement, the world would not have ever heard about me.” – Two time winner of the Arnold Classic Championships, Branch Warren.

“Being trained by Brian Dobson has helped me improve my physique and performance on the IFBB stage, leading to victories and Olympia qualifications.” – Worlds Strongest Bodybuilder, Johnny O. Jackson

Photo of Troy Dorsey
Troy Dorsey

Troy Dorsey is a former professional boxer and martial arts fighter. He is the first man in history to hold world titles in both karate and boxing.

After a brief and successful run as an amateur kick boxer, Dorsey turned professional. He won multiple International and World Kickboxing titles sanctioned by K.I.C.K, ISKA, and WAKO. Milestones of Dorsey’s kickboxing career include: a one sided knockout defeat of highly regarded Santae Wilson for the US, a featherweight championship and his literal destruction of #1 challenger Steve Demechuk. Dorsey would drop Demechuk no less than 6 times before finally knocking his opponent out. Dorsey is widely considered one of full contact kickboxing’s greatest fighters and a much sought after trainer.

In 1985, Dorsey became a professional boxer. As a boxer, Dorsey held the NABF Featherweight Title, IBO Super Featherweight Title and also won the IBF Featherweight World Championship. His style and endurance made him one of the eras most exciting fighters. Troy Dorsey is perhaps best known for two non-stop fights with IBF World Champion Jorge Páez. One fight including a highly controversial decision won by Paez in Dorsey’s first title attempt. Milestones in Dorsey’s boxing career include: brutal battles with Champions Gabriel Ruelas, Manuel Medina, Kevin Kelley, Jesse James Leija, and Tom Johnson, as well as, facing Olympian and future 5 time World Champion Oscar De la Hoya.