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Photo of Noces Joseph “Trapper Joe” LaFont, Jr.
Noces Joseph “Trapper Joe” LaFont, Jr.

Noces Joseph LaFont, Jr. (Trapper Joe) is a veteran when it comes to south Louisiana hunting and fishing. His traditional Cajun roots implanted into him as a child are show cased on the hit television show Swamp People that airs on the History Channel every Thursday night at 10/9c. Trapper Joe was on the first three seasons of Swamp People but was unable to return for season four due to Hurricane Isaac and the destruction it left behind on south Louisiana. He is expected to returned for season five with more gator catching tricks.

Alligator season is the most exciting and most dangerous time of the year for alligator hunters in Louisiana. When Trapper Joe is not hunting alligators, he is hunting for other game within the Cajun lifestyle like: fish, crawfish, shrimp, crabs, raccoons, turtles, deer, hog, rabbit, dove and so forth.

His autobiography will detail his life from growing up in south Louisiana to helping Swamp People become the #1 rated reality show on the History channel with a premiere viewing of 3.1 million. It will also be filled with amazing hunting and fishing stories as well as his Cajun recipes. This book will be a real must have for any true fan of the Cajun lifestyle.

Photo of Jesse James Leija
Jesse James Leija

Jesse James Leija former three time champion NABF and two time WBC world boxing champion, Jesse James Leija, for an autobiography. Jesse James Leija is a retired world champion boxer from San Antonio, Texas. Leija surprisingly remained at the top of the boxing sport for most of his 17 year career. He won two world titles, had nine world title fights, defeated fifteen world contenders of which three were Olympians, and he retired with an amazing record of 47-7-2 with nineteen knockouts.

Photo of Michael Lewis
Michael Lewis

In 2000, Lewis’ life would dramatically change as went from a former Budweiser beer truck driver (thus, the nickname “Beer Man”) to being signed by the New Orleans Saints practice squad. In 2001, he was sent by the Saints to play for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe. Later that year, Lewis would begin his career as a New Orleans Saint. In 2002, he would set an NFL record for combined kick-punt return yardage with 2,432 yards total (1,807 kickoff, 625 punt).

He is currently the Saints’ all-time career leader in punt returns (142) and punt return yardage (1,482). On June 15, 2007, the Saints released him. The local New Orleans newspaper, the Times-Picayune, titled the news, “There’s a Tear in My Beer” because he was a local inspiration, who went from beer truck driver to NFL star.

Michael Lewis’ autobiography covers his life from his humble beginnings to becoming a NFL star. It also covers his faith and determination as well as the struggles he had to face and overcome. His inspiring story will touch the hearts of millions.