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Join Destiny Rose, a single mother, aspiring singer, model and actress, while she provides you the reader a glimpse into a horrific life she had to endure while maintaining her faith in God. She rose above the adversity never giving up hope for a stable life to where she is today. With Destiny telling her story be prepare to be appalled, tearful and joyful. From page to page in her book hear for her own words, that what started out like a perfect life suddenly without notice turned into almost a 20 year roller coaster of hell. Shocking details how family member sexually and mentally abuse her to friends being jealous who wanted to look like her, and men wanting to use her. As the reader, Destiny puts you in her story so close you can feel her pain. The book finishes to give the reader HOPE. That no matter what comes into your life you can succeed knowing that you are not alone and God is with you every step of the way. This book will change your life forever.

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