VIP Ink Publishing in talks to turn books into motion pictures


 VIP Ink Publishing to partner with longtime production manager Elston Howard

VIP Ink Publishing is announcing a partnership with Elston Howard for potential movie production deals

VIP Ink Publishing is partnering with production manager Elston Howard to discuss some potential motion picture deals involving some of the publisher’s books. The publishing company is known for signing some of the top names in multiple fields, including sports, reality TV, and personal training. Mr. Howard sees this as a no-brainer move. According to him, “VIP Ink Publishing has publications on some of the biggest names in the business. Stories like Michael Lewis of the New Orleans have always been fan favorites to the city of the New Orleans.” He added that “When VIP Ink Publishing got in touch with me, we talked about the projects and I felt strongly they had a good 10 to 12 books that could be great for motion pictures.”

Howard was not able to commit to any specific release dates or pre-production times. However, he did make it known that the first order of business was going to be starting the scripts for the stories of Michael Lewis and Troy Dorsey. Howard is well-known in the industry, especially for his work on movies and TV shows like JKF; The Big Easy Television Series; Ray; K-Ville; Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; GI Joe: Retaliation; Grudge Match; Escape Plan; Homefront; Fantastic Four; and Geostorm, a new film starring Gerard Butler and Katheryn Winnick.



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